What is Scalp MicroPigmentation and how can it help you if you are going bald and shave your head?

Scalp MicroPigmentation or SMP™ is a form of scalp tattooing to create hair simulation. Scalp pigmentation techniques are an effective, innovative non-surgical treatment for hair loss. The results leave you with consistent hair replications and micro hairs that simulate real hair creating a natural cropped buzzed hair style.

SMP techniques effectively camouflage the effects of hair loss and thinning hair and can successfully remedy irregularities due to hair transplant scars, injury scars and are suitable for all different colour skin tones.

A specialist natural plant based pigment is inserted down into the dermis to create micro hair replications throughout the affected hair loss area using SMP™ techniques. State of the art computerised equipment with a range of specialist single use and individually encased sterile needles are used, which have been specifically been developed to undertake SMP techniques. The SMP techniques guarantee consistent replication of size, shape and density of recreated hair follicles.

The benefits of SMP are that it can:

• Recreation of a natural full frontal hairline
• Outlining of lost side profiles and sideburns
• Natural blending for grey, black and brown hair colorants
• Suitable for white, black and brown skin tones
• Camouflaging the skin to make existing hair appear thicker
• Various forms of alopecia including alopecia totalis have been treated
• Severe sunburn scarring has been disguised
• Various scars from hair transplants have been blended into remaining hair
• Skin discolouring and imperfections on the scalp have been eliminated

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Going Bald Shave Head
Going Bald Shave Head
Going Bald Shave Head
Going Bald Shave Head
Going Bald Shave Head
Going Bald Shave Head